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Over the past year the ATF has been pursuing its purpose of protecting, building and promoting Australia’s trout fishery in many ways and with a number of key partnerships. The activities of the ATF over the last twelve months have included

  • the development of a five-year strategic plan with the support of the Victorian Fishing Authority (VFA)
  • The running of habitat workshops across the state to gather critical information regarding key locations for environmental repair
  • Working with Catchment Management Authorities, volunteers and other stakeholder to initiate habitat restoration and riparian repair on numerous rivers
  • Investigating legislation regarding landholder responsibility for waterfront stream protection
  • Developing, running, analyzing and reporting on a survey conducted on the state of the Victorian wild trout fishery
  • Sourcing wild trout ova from Gadens Hatchery on the Thredbo River for recovery stocking in the Nariel Valley after the 2019-20 bushfires
  • Developing a large body of volunteers to initiate habitat restoration projects across Victoria
  • Applying for and being successful with a large Recreational Fishing License grant to support many of the initiatives in the Wild Trout five-year strategy together with the VFA
  • Developing of a new website and new communication materials for public education regarding the trout and the trout fishery
  • Working with Native Fish Australia to ensure the continuation and sustainability of native fish such as Murray Cod, trout cod, Macquarie Perch, native galaxids
  • Working with and supporting the Arthur Rylah Institute and Melbourne University in many activities including work to preserve the critically endangered spotted tree frog.
  • Work in Western Australia to support and develop the, largely unrecognized, trout fishery in that state.

“Our most valuable asset in attaining our vision and mission, is the working relationships we have with our partners, members and supporters”

All this work has been driven by a small and dedicated band of volunteers who comprise the ATF Committee. The ATF is committed to a partnership approach and works closely with the VFA, CMA’s, Native Fish Australia, Volunteers, Landcare and local angling clubs and individuals to achieve these significant outcomes. At all times the ATF maintains its commitment to protecting, building and promoting the wild trout fishery. Greater detail of some of the above activities are provided below.

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