The planting season is almost upon us and the ATF has lined up a number of Trees for Trout projects to keep us busy in the Autumn. The first one listed is 5-6000 trees to be planted on the Upper reaches of the Wonnangatta River.

The property where the trees will be planted is to be found at 4494 Wonangatta Road, located at the end of Wonnangatta Road just where it joins Moroka Junction Rd. There are 5-6000 trees to be planted with holes needing to be dug. Tree guards may also be required so there is some amount of work involved. This is a remote property and involves camping for the duration of the planting.

EGCMA will be providing:

  • A catering trailer
  • Generator and lights for the campsite
  • Portable toilet
  • Refrigeration
  • Daily drinking water (if you can also bring some it would be helpful but not essential)
  • Possible portable shower
  • There is plenty of wood for a campfire

Beer and wine will be available on a donation basis and all proceeds will go towards the work of the ATF.

Campsite set up will occur on Wednesday the 26th and people can start arriving from Wednesday afternoon onwards.

Planting dates will be from April 27 to 29 with some time free in the afternoons for recreation and fishing. People would be welcome to come for one or more days according to their preference and stay over for Sunday if desired. Catering will be provided from Thursday lunch to Saturday lunch. Vegetarian will be available but if you have other dietary needs you will need to cater for yourself.

The Wonnangatta Rd is a 2WD all-weather road and will take off-road camper trailers and caravans.

The journey is five and a half hours from Melbourne, three from Traralgon, and two-and-a-half from Bairnsdale.

The property has riverside access to the Wonnangatta River as well as being in striking distance to several other rivers including the Crooked, Wongungarra, Maroka, and Upper Dargo Rivers.

This will be a great adventure for anyone interested and you could extend your stay and see some picturesque mountain country or catch some fish in any of the rivers.