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The ATF works to promote a sustainable wild trout fishery in Australia. This is done through environmental repair of our wild trout waterways in partnership with other community groups,Catchment Management Authorities and Government Departments.

The ATF has a wide community reach and access to significant databases, both national and international.

This reach provides an interested and engaged target audience for our environmental restoration activities as well as people interested in fishing in an internationally well-regarded Australian trout fishery.

By signing up to the ATF Fishing page you give your business increased reach to many anglers interested in coming to you region to fish and enjoy a holiday at the same time. Estimates of value to the local Victorian economy from trout fishing suggest it is worth $750 million annually.

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Affordable promotion of your business to an active and engaged national and international audience Tracking of traffic on a half-yearly basis Reports delivered to your business of traffic across the ATF website


Flat rate fee of $100 per annum (free for the North East Region in first year of trial).


All businesses are vetted on application for legitimacy before being posted live The ATF reserves the right to reject any application deemed inappropriate to the target audience.

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